What Makes a Great Slot Machine?

By: Victor H Royer

It’s a good question, and one that I have been asked many times. Simply put, there is no one specific answer to this question, because it all depends on who is asking, why, and for what reason. If you’re a gaming professional, your criteria for what makes a great slot machine are very different from those of a casual player. And, if you are a player who plays to win, as opposed to a player who plays for entertainment, then each of these criteria are again quite different. What makes a great slot machine for one, does not necessarily make a great slot machine for the other.

Some experts advise that whenever you can play for less than maximum credits – as long as all of the pays are equal, meaning that the machine is a straight doubler and that there are no extras or special bonuses or features that require a max bet, or side bet – that this is, then, the preferred way to play. Less cost, and longer time at the machine, usually equals more fun for the player, right? Well, yes, in a way – this is perfectly sound advice. For those players who want to spend time at the game, and aren’t concerned about winning much of anything. You can, of course, check into this a bit more yourselves, because many online casinos, like Finish Online Casinos for example, will provide you with a range of choices, as well as instructions.

But for me – and players like me – playing most slot machines for less than max credits is an excercise in pain. I want to win the max when I play, and so I look for machines where I get the biggest bang for my buck as is possible. This means higher-volatility machines played at much larger amounts of credits, of course, and bankroll equirements to match. So, for me, a great slot machine is one where you can bet a lot, and have a chance to win a bundle!

Well, of course, this isn’t so for everyone.

For many players, like my friend Neil, who’s visiting from Australia as I write this column, the earlier advice is perfect. Neil looks for machines where he can play the smallest amount of minimum credits, start with as little money as possible, and last playing for as long as possible. This is what makes playing fun for him. So, for him, a great slot machine is one where he can invest little, does not look for big wins, but instead gets to play for a long time on a small stake.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, as long as you keep the other details in mind – such as those regarding the machine’s structure, payback, and play requirements. Which, incidentially, is advice I also give when faced with similar questions from players whose obviously interest is in entertainment and longevity, instead of big wins.

Another situation is speed. And online casinos in Finland are among those where you can choose your speed. Some like it slow, some like it fast. And since it’s quite cold in Finland – at least for people like us – well, sometimes there’s only so much a man can do to keep his lady occupied, and – so – playing slots at Finish Online Casinos can be good for the gander.

I often talk about this in my columns and books, and I often have these discussions with my industry colleagues, usually at the G2E Gaming Convention in Las Vegas each October. Like my friend Neil, my other friend Jack likes slot machines that play slow. There’s a very good reason for this, although Jack’s perspective is far more accurate and professional – because Jack knows that the more spins you have, the greater your exposure to the steady house edge on slot machines, and therefore the greater your hourly loss. Smart advice.

But for my friend Neil, who’s here from Australia on a vacation, his reasons are different. For him, the slow pace of the slot machine’s game means her gets to spend more time playing, without having to spend more money. Also smart.

And so, for each, Jack and Neil, a slot machine is truly great is it falls into this category as well.

But for me, a machine that plays slowly is a trip to Hell. I guess you can call me old-school, but I am used to slot machines where there were no special “bonuses,” or cartoons, or balloons, or pick-‘ems, or shoot-em-ups, or space ships, or cannons, or fireworks, stampedes, or whatnot.

My slot machines were those where you put in a silver dollar, or two or three, crank the handle, and watch the reels come crashing together to form a result – hopefully one where you win something other than the lemons. So, the faster the game, the more pulls you can get, and therefore the quicker you get to the jackpot. Well, not exactly scientific thinking here, but heck – that’s what I liked about the slots! To this day, I go for machines that play Fast. And I mean FAST! Why not Try WOWPOT Slots Games Online.

I like it best when there’s an instant result. I have no interest in watching things crawl over the screen, or delay the next game with meaningless pictures, graphics, or other “dressing” which does nothing to enhance the game, make me more money, or give me more wins. Bonuses aren’t really “bonuses.” They are already figured into the math of the game. So all they really do is delay the game, and cost you more base-game plays-and-pays, because something has to pay for the awards you get with the bonuses.

So, that’s why my favorite slot macine is Video Keno.

None of this “fluff” here. Just a really fast game where the result is quick, to the point, and obvious. You win, or you don’t. Next game. And so on. And, this is a game where you can invest as little as $1, and still win as much as $10,000. Or more.

So, does this mean that I hate bonusing machines? Or these new machines with all of these features and lots of “fluff”? Well, in a word – NO. I like them just fine. They are fun to play, and I have certainly enjoyed plaing many of them with my Australian friend. Even though it was painful to sit there 1-penny at a time, for hours, and the most we ever won was $30. At least the drinks were free, and came by often.

You see, what makes a great slot machine is exactly that variety, and that adaptability. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. A great slot machine is one where its game like Mega Moolah One and playing controls, are at the disposal of the player. So, if one player wants to play slow, then there’s a button for “speed control.” And if another player wants to play fast, then the same button can be set to “fast.” And so on for sounds, volume, etc. The wonders of modern technology are such that when appied to slot machines, all such customization is now possible. Of course, not all manufacturers of slots have as yet embraced that idea, but many have, and the rest is coming. And when you play at Finish Online Casinos, for example, you have a great variety of such choices.

So – what makes a great slot machine?

Whichever one gives you the most fun, pleasure, and profit, and does so smoothly, without errors, breakdowns, or confusion.

After all – it’s your money, so you should get fair value for it. Right? And in the end, that’s what makes a truly great slot machine.

Best of luck!

Vegas Vic



What Makes a Great Slot Machine? was first seen on Casino Life Magazine