Oddsen.nu marketing agreements providing €200,000 revenue in 2024

B90 Holdings plc, (AIM: B90) the online marketing and service provision Company for the gaming industry, is delighted to announce that Oddsen.nu, a key affiliate operating within the Group, has signed fixed listing fee marketing agreements which will provide €200,000 of revenues to the Group in 2024. Under the terms of the agreements, additional revenue may be earned for marketing services, based on marketing performance, enhancing the potential value of these contracts.

Executive Chairman of B90 Holdings plc, Ronny Breivik, commented:

“The operations of Oddsen.nu have shifted from being Nordics focused, to having a global reach. We are delighted that this shift in focus has already put us in a position to sign long term, value generative partnerships with reputable partners in the sector.

“Oddsen.nu’s new expansion plans are also in lockstep with B90 Holdings’ plans for growing its organic business.”

About Oddsen.nu

Oddsen.nu has traditionally focused on traffic from the Nordics and has recently expanded its platform to a global reach.  It boasts a prominent forum, enabling users to engage in continuous discussions about sports betting events throughout the day.  One of the main features of Oddsen.nu is the unique betting bonuses it offers its visitors. Oddsen.nu’s longstanding commitment to providing winning betting tips to its user base without any charges also stands out. Oddsen.nu has operated successfully for over twenty years, with a loyal betting forum, and it’s betting tips have resulted in a 4% return on turnover since 2001, complemented by the offering of free betting tips

Oddsen.nu has built out its focus on matching website visitors with the best online casino bonuses online, from both new online casinos, and more seasoned casino operators .

The business has continued to grow its reach, providing an excellent platform on which to expand around the world. Consequently, Oddsen.nu is now available in English and is also allowing optimisation for further language add-ons.  One of the features to be rolled out globally is the lucrative player of the month competition in the Oddsen.nu forum, where players can add their tips, and win prizes based on their return.  This popular feature is highly interactive and builds continuous interest in Oddsen.nu’s wider following.  Its relevance to users and success is proven, and is one illustration of Oddsen’s readiness for a global rollout.

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