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Tim Kennedy, Vice President Sales EMEA, SUZOHAPP shares with Damien Connelly

2020 was a considerably challenging year for the gaming, leisure and entertainment sectors. What would you say were amongst SUZOHAPP’s most impressive achievements during the course of that year?
Last year was definitely one of those most challenging years our industry has ever seen. With travel and hospitality closed, we saw a lot of businesses shutter their doors forever because the closures were so long and restricted reopening was just not enough to bounce back with. That being said, I think one of the biggest achievements of any company has just been to make it through to 2021. We had a stellar team at the helm in 2020 that was able to make difficult decisions quickly and react to the constantly changing times. We also took then mentality of “industry first” knowing that in order to make our business survive, we had to make sure our customers could survive first. So we looked at what products could best serve customers in helping them reopen, like PPE products, separators and items to help meet reopening guidelines. We also donated PPE to assist in the front lines in the hopes that even that small gesture would help keep more customers safe and get us all one step closer to reopening.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the gaming sector in the coming years and what steps is SUZOHAPP taking to ensure it can deliver the answers?

The pandemic has changed peoples’ mentalities in some ways. I think the return to table games might be more challenging than we would like as people get accustomed to being around others again. The biggest opportunities are the shifts towards cashless payments and the potential for mobile integration in the gaming experience. As people have gotten used to doing their betting online, casinos will need to find unique ways to align the methods that people bet online with how they bet in person. I think we will find that the demand to be in a casino is there, it’s simply the nuances of how to make it easier for customers to acclimate back to being in person that the industry will need to figure out how to get right.

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