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DR Gaming Technology: Mexico’s Managing Director, Alfredo Moreno,and Group CEO, Jurgen De Munck speak with Peter White

Over 1,000 beds delivered in a single day, a record as far as I understand; well done! This assistance though is not your first, how did your Company get involved with this specific NPO?

Jurgen: As we’ve grown Peter, specifically here in Mexico, I have become far more aware of just how important communities, that in many cases are just massive families, are. As you know I moved here about two years ago, quite soon after we established an office here in 2017; the culture, and the sense of community I feel here is very different to what I grew up with in Belgium, and in a good way. Those that ‘have’ today help those that ‘have not’ today, because tomorrow the shoe will in all likelihood be on the other foot.
The challenges that face many communities here and in many other under-resourced countries across the globe are at times almost impossible to comprehend until you see them first-hand, and yet these communities stand together, help one another, and do their best to make things work with what they have. It is that exact spirit that drove the establishment of Curando México in 2010, an initiative that Alfredo was part of at the outset, and one that he has tirelessly served as President since inception.In essence the short answer to your ‘how’ question is: through Alfredo.
Wow Alfredo, I raise my glass: ¡Salud! Can you tell our readers a bit more about the charity?
Alfredo: Well, the global charity Project C.U.R.E. (of which Curando México is the local partner) was established as far back as the late 80s by current CEO and President Dr. Doug Jackson’s dad. Doug’s dad was on a work assignment in Brazil, and while in Rio, his interpreter, a medical student, took him to see the small clinic at which she volunteered. Doug’s dad was completely shocked at what he saw; a community without proper healthcare facilities, doctors without resources and as a result (he says) people without hope. So, when Doug’s dad got back to Colorado, he and Doug’s mom started collecting medical supplies to send to Brazil.
Thanks to generous friends they filled their garage with donated supplies, and then paid for the actual delivery of those supplies themselves; that was the beginning of Project C.U.R.E. The organisation now, almost 25 years later, has distribution warehouses in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, and smaller collection centres in 9 U.S. cities, shipping three to four cargo containers of medical equipment and supplies weekly; and although they never enter a community without an invitation, to date Project C.U.R.E. has assisted communities in more than 130 countries worldwide.
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