Building the Future

Bill Healey chats with Gary Tham, Director of Strategic Planning, Jin Bei Group

Give us a bit of a background of your involvement in the casino gaming industry. What led you to Jin Bei Group?
Considering myself still new to the industry, and  having the need to continually learn and improve based on vast information and strategies of the business to be executed in this challenging environment. I was recruited by Jin Bei Group to be part of the pre-opening team, now looking after two hotel and casino properties packed with a myriad of entertainment options with a total construction area of 50,000 square meters and 60,500 square meters.
We started construction in 2018 and we officially opened on the March 9 2020. 
What is your position, and what are your responsibilities with Jin Bei Group?
Being the director of strategic planning of the Group, my key responsibilities involves:
a. Shaping the company’s overall business strategy and mission
b. Develop and materialize strategies and performance
c. Continuous assessment of the company’s operational and strategic performance
d. Advising members of the board of directors on making informed and effective decisions
e. Provide insights into significant organizational changes (e.g. shift in strategic focus, mergers and acquisitions)
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Building the Future was first seen on Casino Life Magazine