A guide to playing in new online casinos – UK

Online casino gaming is a colossal industry in the UK; knowing some basic tips on navigating it is essential. Whether you’re looking to explore the different games that online casinos offer or how to locate the best operator, we’ll give you some of our best pointers in our guide to ensure you’re better equipped on your digital journey. 

The different games at online casinos

In Ireland, as elsewhere, having a wide variety of choices can be both a boon and a bane. There’s a saying: “an embarrassment of riches”. While online casino gaming has become immensely popular in the UK, often seen in TV ads and major sporting events, its growth has been mirrored in Ireland, leading to an increase in operators diving into the Irish casino scene. For those either venturing into the Irish online casino market for the first time or seeking to understand its diverse players, the landscape can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many sites that have lists of new Irish online casinos to help gamblers navigate the offerings.

Those familiar with land-based casinos in Ireland will recognize many of the same games when they transition online. The digital realm boasts thousands of slot games, live roulette and blackjack tables, and various poker formats, from virtual to live table setups. Additionally, online casinos in Ireland, much like their global counterparts, strive to introduce specialized minigames and unique offerings that aren’t typically available in traditional casinos. This enriches the gaming experience, presenting a vast array of options. Yet, the flip side to this boom is a market saturated with countless operators vying for the attention of potential Irish players.

While market saturation can sometimes benefit the consumer by offering more choices and competitive pricing, it can also dilute the overall quality and health of the market in the long haul. Oversimplifying this dynamic wouldn’t do it justice, but the core idea remains. The Irish casino industry, though facing its challenges, sees operators and new casinos presenting enticing bonus codes. These offers can allow players to maximize their gaming experience while investing minimal upfront costs. 

Finding the best casino – Things to look out for

It is usually a mix of a few components to determine the best casino. Firstly, finding a provider with many positive social media or online reviews is a great start. Another good resource is browsing YouTube reviews, where you’ll usually get a good idea of the interface and how the site or app looks. As the most dominant social media platform, there’s big business for influencers looking to review gambling sites.

Usually, you’ll be able to sample the company before you use them too, so you can get a good idea of their range of games and their site’s aesthetic. This should also play a role in your final decision.

If a provider has a great selection of customer service and payment options, this also suggests a more extensive operation. More often than not, a more significant operation means additional extensive networks of working relationships within the industry and more financial muscle to invest in their casino gaming — all of which are positives for you as a player. However, the most important thing is to settle on a site that can do these things well but one that also appeals to you. 

Banking methods and bankroll management

Traditional digital casinos usually used a handful of recognizable payment methods when they first established themselves. A credit card was the most common and effective, but many later implemented bank transfers and PayPal options.

In today’s day and age, some of the most prominent providers have upwards of 12 different payment methods available to facilitate your payment. However, ensuring you set your deposit limits is crucial in your bankroll management to ensure your gambling doesn’t become a serious issue. 

Understanding online casino bonuses

Some new casinos offer bonus codes that seem fantastic on paper, but once you scratch the surface, they aren’t quite what they seem. For instance, the conditions stipulate that you must play excessive spins to claim your bonus, have a minimum deposit amount or only use in-game tokens. The bottom line is that if a bonus seems too good to be true, then it might be, and it is best to do some further research to ensure you don’t get tied into playing more games than you wanted to or completing more tasks than you initially thought. 

Staying safe when you gamble online

Ensuring that the site you use is appropriately regulated and has a license to provide casino gaming is crucial. You can usually find this information by quickly searching online or checking out some social media reviews, which will immediately highlight any security issues.

It’s vital that you don’t send your details to a rogue operator, as gambling usually requires know your customer processes, credit card information and photographic documents such as your driving license or passport details. Nobody wants this information to fall into the wrong hands, so ensure the provider you use is legitimate and has a good reputation before you send your hard-earned money and personal information to their casino.

Luckily, reputable casino companies use some of the most advanced security available. Not only do they implement this effectively, but they consistently explore the latest enhancements to ensure that your data remains safe as you play casino games on their site. 

Keeping in control of your gambling

By setting restrictions on how much time you spend on an online casino site, you are effectively insulating yourself from any potential harm caused by playing casino games. Casino games such as poker, roulette and blackjack are designed to be a fun experience, but if you begin spending too much time playing these games or spending too much money, you need to take a break and seek help.

Most casinos now provide solid, responsible gambling measures. Many will offer time and deposit limits and will not give you the option of gambling any more that day or week once you have reached the predetermined limit you set when you first registered.



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