What You Should Know About Ross and Roberts

Ross and Roberts

Ross and Roberts specialises in the collection and enforcement of debts, including commercial property debts and private parking debts. This law firm also offers a range of debt recovery and sundry services. These services include enforcement and court orders. For further information on their services, visit their website. They have offices across the UK.


Bailiffs Ross and Roberts are renowned for their aggressive tactics. They may try to seize items inside your home, including furniture, clothes, and even personal items. If you can’t afford to pay them, you should talk to them about a payment plan that is affordable for you. They may be willing to compromise with you.

While bailiffs have the legal right to enter your home, you don’t have to let them. In most cases, they will only come during daylight hours and will not enter your home at night. However, you can refuse to give them access to your property if you feel they are making you feel uncomfortable or threatened. Moreover, you can always appeal their decision.

Court order

In the case of Ross and Roberts, Herbert Roberts sued Norman Ross for money he claimed he owed him. The District Court of the Virgin Islands ruled in his favor and ordered Ross’s counsel to file proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law. The court then adopted a draft judgment and signed it.

Under the Court order, the bailiffs of Ross and Roberts may visit your property only if you give them 7 days’ notice. If you don’t give them enough time, they may remove items from your property. However, they cannot remove things that are essential for your life. You can stop the harassment by arranging a payment plan with the bailiffs.


There are a variety of fees associated with hiring bailiffs like Ross and Roberts. The firm is a leading provider of debt collection services in the United Kingdom. If you have not paid your debts, this company can take matters to court, where enforcement agents may come to your home.

The company charges PS75 for an “enforcement notice” and PS235 for a bailiff’s visit. They can charge a higher fee if they have to enter the property to seize your goods. They can also negotiate a payment plan with the bailiff.

ANPR technology

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology helps police enforce parking fines. Its success rates vary depending on the type of fine. Every year, millions of parking tickets are issued. Many go unpaid. Ross and Roberts’ Private Parking Debt Collection team is dedicated to getting these tickets paid. In certain situations, they may use High Court Enforcement Services to pursue those who refuse to pay.

Taking your goods

When you have council tax, business rates or unpaid rent to pay, you may face a visit from bailiffs from Ross and Roberts Ltd. These bailiffs must give you at least seven days’ notice before they enter your home. They have the legal right to take your goods, but there are a few things you should know about this type of visit.

Ross and Roberts are able to enter your property by law and will remove the items they need to sell. If you are concerned about your belongings, you may want to consider locking your doors and contacting Aunt Meg for advice. You should be aware that they can also take your car. Even if your car isn’t necessary for you to drive around, the bailiffs have the legal right to repossess it.

Taking you to jail

If you’ve fallen behind on payments, it may be time to think about hiring a bailiff to help you. Ross and Roberts bailiffs are licensed to visit residential and business properties to collect outstanding debt. These firms also have the authority to enter private properties and seize items for sale to cover their costs. Before hiring a bailiff, make sure you understand your rights.

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