What Is Equita?


Equita is a specialist debt recovery and enforcement company with over 140 years of experience. The company’s network of local offices and a central admin hub in Northampton allow it to work closely with its clients and provide an efficient, fast service. Their goal is to keep the process simple and straightforward while ensuring that debtors are repaid as quickly as possible.

You can avoid getting an enforcement visit from Equita Limited if you pay your debts on time. The company will give you at least seven days notice before visiting your home. When a bailiff does visit your home, he can enter the home through the window or door, and may take items inside or outside of the home. The bailiff will charge PS235 for each enforcement visit.

If you have not made all of the payments required, Equita may pursue legal action in the High Court to collect the debt. This will result in a County Court Judgement on your credit report, which can affect your ability to get new financing. It is in your best interest to contact Equita before they start collection activities so you can avoid getting a County Court Judgement on your credit history.

Equita has a wealth of experience in the debt recovery industry, and prides itself on its innovative technology. As part of the Capita Plc group, Equita provides collection services across the UK. The company employs a team of collection specialists who have years of experience. They also work closely with local authorities and businesses to identify the best solutions for resolving debt.

Equita has local offices throughout the UK. Because they have a local presence, they can provide efficient service to their clients. They have over 1000 staff members dedicated to helping their clients recover the money that is owed. In addition to providing efficient debt collection services, Equita can also help clients enforce court orders.

Although the bailiffs of Equita Limited are not legally able to enter a property, they can instruct bailiffs to take possession of goods. If you don’t have the money to pay these bailiffs, Equita can send bailiffs to your property to enforce the debt. They may also harass you by calling your home or sending letters. This type of harassment can result in your credit rating being affected.

In addition to providing outstanding debt recovery services, Equita also offers debt advice and payment plans. The company prides itself on its innovative technology and a comprehensive understanding of the debt recovery market. Although the debt collection process takes time, they can offer options such as flexible online payments. The company is also regulated by the Ministry of Justice and must provide a reasonable amount of time to repay your debt.

Equita has bailiffs, which work on behalf of other organisations. Their aim is to collect debt and ensure that debtors pay up. Having bailiffs in place helps them to prove the extent of your debt. However, the bailiffs may find that the debt is much higher than you originally thought.

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