Valesco PC a scam? Trevor James Simpson is the active director of Valesco Private Clients Ltd

Valesco PC a Scam?

Date: 6th Jan 2022

As a company Valesco Private Clients Ltd (company no: 11244059) was incorporated on 9th March 2018 according to Gov.UK website. You can check Valesco Private Clients Ltd for yourself.

There was only one officer of the company in Nadir Ally but he resigned on 2nd September 2021 and on 15th September 2021 Trevor James Simpson was appointed.

As you can see from the information provided by Gov.UK there are several variations of Valesco companies with which both Nadir and Trevor are associated with.

Trevor James Simpson

Just because Trevor is associated to several variations of Valesco companies, this does not mean Valesco Private Clients is a scam. Any private trading is a risk.

For reference here are the other Valesco companies from Gov.UK

What would make Valesco PC a scam?

There are a number of things which could constitute a scam, the main one being setting up as an investment opportunity and promising to pay out repeatedly but ultimately failing to do so.

I am aware of at least two people who have documentation to prove they have invested in this company and are due to get their return, the payments are overdue but they are confident they will arrive. Like most businesses clearly the pandemic has affected things but with promises of payments we should be in a great position to let you know if VALESCO PC investments are a scam or not.

Does a poor website indicate a scam?

Another point which does not inspire me with confidence is the website, still has text on the home page relating to the WordPress theme the site was built using as the menu has not been implemented properly.  Whilst this does not fill me with confidence at the same time it does not mean it is a scam either but it is hardly something I would be looking at if I wanted to invest.


Keep checking back here for updates as we expect to bring you our conclusion very soon.