Stirling Park is Australia’s Most Important Conservation Site

Stirling Park is an important conservation site and has many species of endangered plants and animals. This special location also has many historical stories that are passed down from generation to generation. It is a beautiful place to visit, all year round.

The park is managed by the National Capital Authority. The park can be used in a variety of ways, such as a rehabilitation center for wildlife and an environmental education center. It also has several open grass areas that allow for recreation. The park contains several significant indigenous sites.

The park is located on the best agricultural soils in south-east Australia. Its land is protected under federal environmental law. This has allowed for conservation of the area and the preservation of old woodland eucalypts.

Among its many features, Stirling Park has a tree house and BMX tracks. There are several native animals that live in the park. They include the Bush Pea, which is found on rocky ridges in spring. There are also several species of wildflowers. In the early summer, Yellow Buttons are seen. The park also has a large population of Button Wrinklewort.

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