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Angela Rundles, founder of Rundles & Associates, is a nonprofit event planning and production company. She began her career with the Oakland Athletics, where she planned a number of events throughout the season, including pre-season FanFests and ownership appreciation events. In 2002, she founded her company, Rundles & Associates, to help nonprofits plan stellar events. She also strives to motivate event committee members. Read on to learn more about the services provided by Rundles & Associates.

Rundles & Co bailiffs are not your fault

If you can’t afford to pay your debt, you can hire Rundles & Co bailiffs to collect the money. As an authorised enforcement agent, Rundles & Co bailiffs have the legal right to enter your home and seize your assets. If you don’t pay, the bailiffs can sell these assets to recover their money. Whether you owe Rundles & Co a debt is up to you, but this isn’t always the case.

They are a legitimate debt collection agency

If you have an account with Rundles & Co, you might be wondering if they are a legitimate debt collection agency. If so, they will need to show you documentation to prove that you owe the money. They can also show you proof that you have already paid the debt. If you have paid the debt in full, you won’t be contacted by Rundles. If Rundles cannot show you proof of the debt, you should report them to the Better Business Bureau.

They can visit your home

The first step in a Rundles bailiff visit to your home is to ask for proof of entry. You can obtain this by checking the letterbox in your door or under-door letterbox. If you are unable to produce the required documentation, Rundles will leave the property and contact their head office to enforce a payment plan. If you do not provide proof of entry, Rundles will proceed with the enforcement process. In addition, you must be sure to inform Rundles of any new information.

They can take your car on private land

If you’re wondering whether Rundles can take your car on private land, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has been in this situation. There are some things you can do to protect your car, even if the debt is small. In this article, we’ll discuss how to avoid being a victim of Rundles’ car repossession tactics. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the most important tips to help you keep your car safe.

They charge for storage

If you want to store your things in a secure environment, you have to know how much Rundles charges for storage. The company will ask you to pay an extra amount if you are unable to pay the agreed amount on time. However, you should not worry because Rundles has mechanisms to ensure that you will not default on the repayment. The company can make repayment plans to suit your financial circumstances and can even add extra fees if you miss a payment date.

They provide non domestic rate enforcement to over 30 Local Authorities

Non domestic rate enforcement is a crucial part of the service that Rundles provides to local councils. The company has a team of highly trained Enforcement Agents who have experience in dealing with a wide variety of non-domestic rates. The agency is proud of its dedicated service, which has helped local councils recover billions of pounds of unpaid rates. To help achieve this, Rundles uses advanced technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to identify unpaid debtors. This technology allows Rundles to carry out non-domestic rate enforcement nationwide, and each Local Authority has a dedicated team of Client Advisors.

Costs of dealing with Rundles bailiffs

Debt collection is never cheap, and dealing with Rundles bailiffs can be very costly. Not only can Rundles take your belongings, but they can also charge you court fees and auctioneer’s fees. These fees include their commission of up to 15% of the selling price, out-of-pocket expenses, and advertising costs. You have the right to see receipts when dealing with Rundles bailiffs, and you can avoid bailiff fees by paying your debtor directly.

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