Ross and Roberts Ltd – A Review of Ross and Roberts Ltd

Ross and Roberts

The Civil Enforcement Agents at Ross and Roberts Ltd are here to help you resolve your debts. They accept most major debit and credit cards and have a debt payment service that is completely compliant with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice on civil enforcement. You can expect a prompt response and professional handling of any communication you have with the firm. This makes them the best choice for debt management. They can help you with your debt problems and ensure that you get your money back.

Dr Brian Ross Roberts is the president and chief operating officer of Ford Investment Enterprise Co

Dr. Brian Ross Roberts has been the president and chief operating officer of Ford Investment Enterprise Co since 2015. He has held the post since 2008. He is a seasoned businessman with a background in aviation, transportation, and aerospace. He also has a strong track record of success.

He is a former U.S. Army officer

Ross served in the U.S. Army as an infantry officer and later became an assistant director of the Army Staff. He also served as a Deputy Comptroller of the Oakland Army Base and the Commander of the Military Ocean Terminal in the Bay Area. He was the first black officer to be assigned to a U.S. Army headquarters and was the youngest member of the Army Staff.

Ross served in the Regular Army and in Special Forces, including as an advisor to the Vietnamese 6th Paratroop Regiment. He also served as a strategic intelligence officer on the Army Staff. His military career spanned several deployments and he has many honors to his name. Ross has received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Medal of Honor.

He founded a debt collection agency

In 1997, Ross and Roberts founded a debt collection firm. Today, the company has a strong reputation in the South of England and is a leading bailiff service. Their approach to debt collection is a mix of traditional enforcement and personal service, and they now serve over 70 local authorities. They also process more than 70 thousand warrants a year. All the directors run the firm on a day-to-day basis and have years of experience in the debt collection industry.

As part of their code of conduct, Ross and Roberts Ltd must first give a debtor time to explore debt management options. This means that the debtor must tell them that he or she wishes to explore the options available to them before the company can pursue collection action. If the debtor is not cooperative, the debtor may face legal action in the form of a CCJ.

He is a member of the Credit Services Association

Ross has extensive experience as a credit officer. Before joining Ross Law, he served as a senior vice president and senior credit officer at Iberiabank, where he reviewed and approved loans for small and mid-sized businesses in Texas and maintained overall portfolio quality. Throughout his career, he has also held credit officer roles at Wachovia, Capital One, Regions, and Washington Mutual.

His experience includes general management, new business development, and credit analysis and administration. He has also served as a member of the faculty of the Consumer Bankers Association’s Executive Banking School.

He can issue enforcement notices

Bailiffs from Ross and Roberts Ltd have the legal right to enter your home, but they need a peaceful entry to do so. It is essential to make sure that you have locked the door and that you haven’t put valuables inside. You should make arrangements to have the bailiffs leave your belongings if possible.

Enforcement notices are a way of chasing after debtors. However, debt collectors cannot use this process to harass or threaten you, and they cannot enter your home without permission. Moreover, you must not give any valuable items to these collectors, including jewelry and other possessions.

He can send bailiffs to your home

Bailiffs from Ross and Roberts can visit your home to collect unpaid rent, council tax, parking penalty charge notices, court fines, and county judgments. These companies have strict guidelines for entry into a home, and you need to be aware of them. Bailiffs must be given at least seven days notice before visiting. You can’t refuse to let them in, but you can refuse to let them take things from the outside of your home.

Bailiffs from Ross and Roberts are known for being aggressive and may try to seize items from your property. Although they are not allowed to remove important items, you can negotiate with them to remove less valuable items or pay them less. You can also negotiate with them to set up a payment plan.

He can take your assets

If you have unpaid council tax, rent, parking penalty charge notices, county court judgments, or court fines, Ross and Roberts bailiffs can visit your home and seize your assets. Usually, you will have seven days’ notice before the bailiffs arrive. However, if you don’t give them advance notice, the bailiffs will enter your home and take whatever they want.

It’s important to understand how the bailiffs of Ross and Roberts work and what your options are. First, they must wait for the debtor to offer proof of debt. Then they can proceed with taking your assets. The process of a Ross and Roberts debt collection can take many stages. The first stage, called the compliance notice, costs PS75, while the second stage, enforcement action, involves the collection officers visiting your home and claiming your assets. After this, you can expect to pay around 7.5% of the total value of your assets.

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