Jacobs Enforcement

Jacobs Enforcement

Founded in 1959, Jacobs Enforcement works with over 160 local authorities across England and Wales to recover debts. They are certified bailiffs by the County Court. They are also members of the Civil Enforcement Association. They are professional and have strict national codes of practice.

Jacobs’ agents will enter your home, and may ask you to pay up your debt. They will also send letters to your address, detailing the total amount you owe and the deadline for repayment. You will then be given seven days to settle the debt. If you miss the deadline, you can expect your repayment plan to be cancelled. You will be sent a County Court Judgement, which can be used against you if you do not pay up.

You should be aware that if you fail to make repayments, Jacobs Enforcement can seize your property. They can then sell your possessions at auction to recover the money you owe them. They will not break windows, but they can remove your personal belongings. These items can be worth a lot of money. Some items of value include TVs, jewellery, and luxury electrical goods.

If you have an outstanding council tax or rent arrears, you may receive a visit from a Jacobs Enforcement agent. This may cause you to worry about your family. But you have rights when these officers visit your home. You can refuse to let them into your house, but you can still have your possessions taken away from you.

If you get a warning letter, you will have to respond within seven days. If you do not reply to the letter, your account will be passed onto a Jacobs Enforcement agent. You can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice. You can telephone them for free and they will give you impartial advice on your finances. They may even call you back out of hours.

If you receive a bailiff, you can refuse to let them into your house. They cannot force entry, but they can take your possessions if they are of a high value. They will not be able to take your mobile phone or landline. They will not be able to take clothing, food, or white goods.

If you have a car, they can only take it if it is not under a hire purchase agreement. You can keep your car on your private land, but you must make sure that it remains safe. You can also keep your car on a neighbour’s drive. If you are afraid of being harassed, you can call the Financial Ombudsman to report the harassment.

If you have a debt to Jacobs, you can request that they give you a copy of your credit agreement. They can then arrange a payment plan. You will need to find a repayment method that you can afford. If you do not have enough funds to pay the debt, you can talk to a debt settlement specialist.

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