Is CDER Group a Legitimate Debt Collection Agency?

CDER Group

You may be wondering if CDER Group is a legitimate debt collection company. The good news is that this company is registered in England and has an Independent Advisory Group that scrutinises its operations. It is a London-based company that was founded in 2020, and was formed from the merger of three smaller companies. Most recently, CDER Group acquired Advantis, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that it has to abide by certain rules and laws, so you should not be too concerned.

CDER Group is a legitimate debt collection company

Are you concerned that a debt collection agency has your information? You’re not alone. Many people have experienced the hassle of missing credit card payments and having their account closed. The CDER Group is a legitimate debt collection agency that is based in London. It’s not the first debt collection agency you’ll be dealing with, and its reputation precedes them. Before you decide to hire them, consider how much you owe.

The first step towards a CDER Group collection agency’s service is to send you a Notice of Enforcement. This notice will warn you that a collection agency will be removing your goods and fees unless you make a repayment plan. This notice will also include a PS235 fee. If you don’t pay the fee in seven days, you’ll face a visit from an Enforcement Agent.

It collects debt on behalf of commercial clients as well as local and central government

The CDER Group is one of the most prominent enforcement companies in the UK, collecting debt on behalf of commercial clients and local and central government. The CDER Group is responsible for collecting over PS250 million in debt every year. Our collection service offers a wide range of services, including fast and ethical enforcement of High Court writs. We have extensive experience in this area, having successfully collected debts for many commercial clients.

It is scrutinised by the Independent Advisory Group

The Independent Advisory Panel for the CDER Group was formed in March 2015. It consists of six independent members with various backgrounds, including Sir Martin Dawson, former Director General of the Prison Service and first Chief Executive of the National Offender Management Service. Sir Martin brings a wealth of experience and will be able to challenge the CDER Group to improve its services. Sir Martin has also been the Chief Executive of Barnardo’s for more than 10 years and was awarded the Chartered Institute of Management’s Annual Gold Medal for Leadership for his services to vulnerable people. He has recently been knighted for his services to the community.

The CDER Group is a legitimate company registered in the UK and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) scrutinises the operations of the CDER Group. The company was formed through a merger between three companies in early 2020 and was scrutinised by the group. It recently acquired Advantis, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It has additional enforcement powers

The CDER Group has been established as a merger of three leading enforcement service providers. Phoenix Commercial Collections, Collect Services and Debt Recovery Solutions, the group aims to deliver market leading innovation for its clients across the UK. Its nationwide scale, state-of-the-art technology, three centres of excellence and its dedicated team of experts deliver a comprehensive range of debt recovery and enforcement services. To understand how the CDER Group will use its new powers, read on.

The CDER Group has the right to take your car if you are in debt. However, there are some important points you should know. First, the CDER Group is not allowed to take your car if you do not have a disabled sticker. This means they cannot take your car unless you have the relevant documents on file with them. The CDER Group can take your car if it has sufficient evidence that you are a vulnerable debtor.

It offers an easy-to-use payment solution

Ecospend is an open banking technology provider that partners with the CDER Group, a leading enforcement company that collects over PS250 million in debt annually. Together, they have developed a simple-to-use payment channel. Similarly, 4G Capital is an award-winning neobank that offers unsecured business loans, enterprise training and digital solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners. With the Mambu platform, 4G Capital can scale and accelerate its digital journey.

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