How to Avoid Being a Victim of Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings is one of the UK’s largest judicial service providers. With over 2,000 staff, including self-employed agents, it recovers over PS300 million a year for businesses, individuals, and taxpayers. Marston Holdings has received many complaints about its practices. Here are a few tips to avoid being a victim of their services.

Don’t trust the fake court letters you receive from Marston Holdings. The company should only be sending you genuine court letters. If you are receiving threatening letters, contact the company’s customer service department. Marston’s customer service department has a dedicated complaint department, but this department is slow to respond to inquiries. You can still try calling them on the phone or filling out a form online, but it may take several hours before someone gets back to you.

If you can afford to pay off your debts in full, you should do so. However, if you are unable to, you should work out a repayment plan with a flexible payment schedule. Alternatively, you can contact a consumer debt advice organisation. You should avoid ignoring debt or failing to make payments to creditors, which could lead to a court case.

Marston Holdings is a debt enforcement agency that provides services to many UK businesses and authorities. They claim to work with over 500 clients, including local councils and government departments. The company also works with HM Revenue and Customs on debts related to benefits and VAT invoices. You should be aware of the tactics used by Marston Holdings Enforcement Agents.

If you’re unable to repay your debts, Marston’s bailiffs can take your possessions. Usually, they will give you seven days’ notice before they sell your possessions. Once the sale is completed, the bailiffs will notify you of the amount raised. You can refuse to pay if you don’t want the bailiffs to have access to your property.

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