How Does Equita Work?


As a leading enforcement company with over 140 years of experience, Equita provides a range of debt recovery services to local authorities. The company operates from a network of local offices and has a head office in Northampton. This allows Equita to work closely with local clients to deliver a fast and efficient service.

As a company, Equita prides itself on its innovative technology. As a result, it has a strong grip on the market and is able to spot problems and develop solutions to them. The company has a customer relationship management system that helps them manage their collection process. They first contact debtors by post with a letter called a Notice of Enforcement, which gives them seven days to pay up. They may also contact debtors by phone or text message if they have given their number to the company.

Equita is a debt collection agency that takes the time to get to know their clients and discuss their debts with them. They also provide flexible payment options online. The company is part of the Capita Plc group and has more than 1,000 employees. It recovers PS100 million in debts every year on behalf of its clients.

If you are unable to pay your debts in full, Equita can start a bailiff action. In a bailiff action, a debt collector visits your home or property to collect unpaid debt. The debt collector will ask for proof of your income or expenditure. This can lead to your credit score being affected negatively.

In addition to bailiffs, Equita can also take action through the courts to recover your debt. If you fail to pay your debts, the court can instruct Equita to take enforcement action, including taking money from your wages or benefits. In addition, a County Court Judgement stays on your credit rating for six years, which may make it difficult to obtain loans or secure financing.

You can avoid the hassle and expense of a bailiff by filing DoNotPay. Equita bailiffs are regulated by the Ministry of Justice, and they have to give you enough time to investigate and plan for your debt repayment. They must also stop pursuing you if you contact them with the necessary documents. Equita bailiffs offer a number of ways to contact them and discuss your options.

When your debts go unpaid, an Equita bailiff can visit your home and seize your property. You will need to give Equita at least seven days’ notice prior to the bailiff’s visit. This period is referred to as the compliance stage. The bailiff can enter your home through a window or door and can even seize possessions outside the home. The bailiff charges PS235 per enforcement visit.

Equita bailiffs are known for employing questionable methods to recover debt. Many of their tactics are legal and unethical. They use these tactics against people who have not paid their debts or escaped responsibility. However, you can avoid this hassle by contacting DoNotPay.

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