How Bristow & Sutor Can Help You

Bristow amp Sutor

If you have debts and are unable to pay them, you can seek the services of Bristow and Sutor. These firms can sue you and direct deductions can be made from your wages. In certain situations, they will even sue you if you do not respond to their demand for payment. To find out how Bristow & Sutor can help you, read on.


When debt collectors want to get your money, they will send you a Compliance Notice. These notices are a reminder that you must repay the debt within seven days or face the consequences. If you fail to pay, the bailiffs will seize your belongings and you must pay a fee of PS110 and 7.5% of the amount over PS1,500. If you ignore the Compliance Notice, you risk facing further enforcement action.


Enforcement agencies such as Bristow & Sutori specialise in the collection of debts for local authorities. They are members of the Civil Enforcement Association, the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation, and the Credit Services Association. They can use enforcement agents to collect debts of all kinds, including CCJs. Listed below are the most common types of debts collected by these agencies.

Controlled goods agreement

A controlled goods agreement is a legal document that grants the bailiffs the power to seize and sell your possessions. It enables you to avoid going to court and allows you some breathing space to pay back the debt. If you’re in financial trouble and want to avoid the hassle of bailiffs, you may want to sign a controlled goods agreement with Bristow & Sutor.

Right to see evidence

If you haven’t paid a bill for a while, you may be entitled to the Right to see evidence in Bristow s&utor court. If you don’t pay, the creditor will send you a Compliance Notice. This gives you seven days to arrange payment, or they will remove your goods. You may also be subject to additional fees if you ignore the notice, which is up to PS75.


Bailiff agencies like Bristow & Sutor collect debts on behalf of local authorities. They are members of the Civil Enforcement Association, Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation, and Credit Services Association. These agents are responsible for three main types of debt collection. They collect overpaid council tax, unpaid housing benefit, and former tenant arrears. To protect your rights, you should understand how Bristow & Sutor’s services work and what you should expect.

Data protection

Bristow & Sutor is a debt collection and enforcement company based in the United Kingdom. The firm operates across three sectors and employs more than 500 people. It offers end-to-end services and welcomes applications from all backgrounds. As an equal opportunities employer, Bristow & Sutor aims to ensure that no candidate receives less favourable treatment due to their age, disability or race. Moreover, it does not discriminate against gender, race or marriage.


If you have a large debt, you may be considering a Bristow & Sutlor IVA. This type of IVA helps people with financial difficulties by combining debt management and debt negotiation. This type of IVA allows you to keep your possessions while paying the debt. These agreements allow you to keep your goods while paying the debt in full. If you are considering an IVA, there are several things you need to know.

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