Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs

As one of the UK’s leading debt collection agencies, Dukes Bailiffs employs enforcement agents across the country. These agents help the company recover local taxation debts, commercial rent arrears, and forfeited commercial leases. They also remove trespassers from property and enforce debts that have been transferred to the high court.

Dukes Bailiffs can visit your property any time between 6am and 9pm, but the company does not visit premises on Sundays, Good Friday, or Christmas Day. It’s also important to remember that Dukes Bailiffs are independent, and the company has a compliance department that investigates complaints.

If you can’t make the repayments, you must contact the company to set up a repayment plan. If the payment date is missed or the amount you can afford is below the agreed amount, Dukes Bailiffs can cancel your payment plan and start a court case. If you fail to make the payments, Dukes Bailiffs can also add fees to your debt. In some cases, they can even move the case to enforcement.

In some cases, Dukes Bailiffs charge a fee for the enforcement process. This fee covers the costs associated with visiting a property and removing goods. This fee can be as high as PS75 for the first visit. If your debt exceeds PS1,000, a higher fee may apply. You can negotiate a payment plan with the bailiff to avoid having your property taken over.

In the event that your debts have not been paid, a Dukes Bailiff can visit your home. However, you must give them at least 7 days’ notice. In some cases, they can enter your property through a window or door. During this stage, Dukes Bailiffs can even seize your possessions.

Many debtors are suffering from mental health problems due to the harassing tactics of Dukes Bailiffs. Some of them have even considered suicide. This is a bleak situation that should never happen to anyone. In response to this, the government has enacted new regulations to curb the aggressive behavior of these debt collection agents.

The Dukes Accounting System also features bespoke reporting for clients. Its software, Certus, includes financial and commercial data on businesses. This data enables Dukes to better understand the status of individual companies. It also helps to determine where improvements can be made to improve performance. Using this information, Dukes is able to improve their collection and recovery strategies.

If you do not pay the debt in full, bailiffs can seize your possessions. This is called ‘Taking Control of Goods’ and is regulated by law. During this time, a bailiff can assess the value of your possessions and enter a Controlled Goods Agreement with you in order to give you time to pay your debt.

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