Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs

Originally founded in 1993, Dukes Bailiffs is a UK based company that specialises in recovery of unpaid invoices and penalty charge notices. It offers a variety of services to suit the needs of its clients. Depending on the type of debt you owe, Dukes will either be able to negotiate a payment plan with you or take action to collect the money from you.

Unlike a solicitor or solicitor’s assistant, a Dukes Bailiff can visit your home and demand payment from you. They are allowed to enter your home through a window, or through the front door if they have a Liability Order. During an enforcement visit, the bailiff can also remove goods from your home or sell them to satisfy the debt. Dukes’ enforcement agents are located across the country, so they can usually visit you no matter where you live.

Dukes Bailiffs are highly motivated to collect money and will do anything to do so. They can visit your home multiple times during enforcement, and may even visit outside of normal business hours. They can also cancel repayment plans, which means you may have to pay even more money. They can also take your property, which is a good thing if you have something valuable in your home.

There are many different debt collectors, some of which work for banks or credit card companies. Others are independent businesses, which work as sole traders. It is important to check the origin of your debt before you start talking to them. You should also consider whether or not you can afford to pay back the debt. If you can’t, you should try to make an offer before the bailiffs come to visit.

It is not uncommon to hear about debtors who have considered suicide after facing a debt collection. This is because the behaviour of Dukes Bailiffs can sometimes be extremely stressful. They can even make you feel trapped, which can lead to mental health issues. If you feel your rights are being violated, contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. This will help you to negotiate an arrangement with your creditors and make sure that your rights are protected.

Dukes offers a variety of services to its clients, including commercial rent arrears recovery and the eviction of travellers. The company also has a compliance department which is independent of the actual collection team. These officers can provide you with a detailed report, which can be useful for internal and external use. They can also provide you with detailed information about your business’ trading status. You can also contact them with a complaint, which will be investigated by their staff.

Dukes’ reports are also useful for making intelligent recovery strategies. They are designed to assist you to recover your money faster. You may also be able to obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for a debt you owe.

You can also contact the Financial Conduct Authority, which is responsible for regulating debt collection. The FCA can fine you, revoke your bailiff authorization, or revoke your license.

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