CDER Group Partners With Hito Edge

CDER Group

Known for its innovative debt enforcement solutions, the CDER Group recently partnered with Hito Edge, a cloud-based platform that provides a holistic view of customer relationships. Hito Edge links individual cases to one another, enabling agencies to view detailed data on customers. This innovative new technology has increased the value of the operation over industry norms, and is highly scalable to support future business growth. Here’s what CDER had to say about the partnership.

Hito Edge

As part of its strategy to drive growth in the debt enforcement industry, the CDER Group has invested in Hito Edge, a cloud-based software solution that revolutionizes debt collection. Unlike existing systems, Hito Edge focuses on individual customers. By linking cases of the same customer, it allows users to see all relevant information regarding an individual customer. The company’s investment in Hito Edge increased the valuation of its operation well above the industry norm, and its platform is scalable for future business growth.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acted swiftly when COVID-19 was declared a public health emergency, completing testing, equipment, and vaccines. The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) also acted quickly to identify areas for improvement and prioritize upcoming needs. The agency also began scaling up its processes in response to the outbreak, launching the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program in April 2020.

Hito Edge’s impact on the industry

Industrial edge applications are made possible by local gateways with enhanced processing and storage capabilities. These gateways will likely evolve into substantial server appliances in the future as the volume of data to be analyzed grows. With this trend, IT technology allows devices to separate data and applications into different containers, such as cloud services and Docker containers. The benefits of edge computing are clear. Users can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity. And they can benefit from a wider range of apps than ever before.

Offline Interviewer app

Snap Surveys and the CDER Group Offline Interviewer app are now in place to help the HSE minimise the spread of Covid 19. Snap Surveys is a secure spot check software that can be allocated to a CDER field team to enable the capture of observations and responses from duty holders in the field. Snap Offline Interviewer lets you collect data in the field without an internet connection and automatically syncs data to our servers once a connection is established.

Notice of Enforcement

You may have received a Notice of Enforcement against CDER Group by mail or telephone. If this is the case, you may be wondering what you can do to fight back and get the money you deserve. First, you need to know what the process is all about. You may be confused as to whether you need a legal remedy or a debt settlement. The good news is that there are several ways to improve your financial situation.


The new company has announced that it has acquired Phoenix, Collect Services, and JBW Group to form the CDER-Group. Together, the companies aim to provide customers with Fairness in Operation. The company’s revenue is expected to be PS15 million, three times higher than when the project was first launched. It will operate from regional centres of excellence to collect central government debt, road user charging debt, and traffic fines. It is part of Outsourcing Inc., a global provider of outsourced service.


One of the largest debt collection companies in the UK, CDER Group has been in operation since 2004. By 2010, its turnover had reached PS5 million, but it struggled to scale due to legacy IT infrastructure. As a result, the company had to use industry-standard debt enforcement software that required high levels of manual intervention and did not provide enough transparency. As a result, a number of employees were forced to quit over poor service.

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