CDER Group Implements SaaS Solution For New Client

CDER Group

After implementing a SaaS-based solution from the CDER Group, a new client reported revenues three times higher than before. The project reportedly achieved PS15 million in annual revenue, a three-fold increase in three years. Additionally, CDER Group saw a 22% reduction in customer complaints and a 12% reduction in direct costs following the implementation of the SaaS solution. Read on to learn more about this success story.

Hito Edge

As a leader in innovative debt enforcement solutions, the CDER Group has invested in Hito Edge, a cloud-based platform that provides agencies with a holistic view of individual customer relationships. The platform allows agencies to see detailed information about a single customer, such as their financial status, case type, and other factors. Its scalability and ease of use has significantly increased the company’s value beyond industry norms.

The Hito Edge system integrates data from a variety of sources, including transportnoi politsii, nalogovykh organov, geodemographicheskie dannye, and skoring. It allows companies to track and prioritize agents, manage their workflows, and adhere to contractual SLAs. The system also supports automated decision-making in business processes. With the help of Hito Edge, businesses can make better use of their resources.

Court Enforcement Services

CDER Group is a leading debt collection business. We are a trusted partner of the High Court and provide certified enforcement officers to recover debts. Our nationwide network of Enforcement Agents offers fast, effective debt recovery. Our services include national rent arrears recovery and the forfeiture of commercial leases. We work with clients in a range of sectors including banking, retail, insurance, legal, and property.

When you have unpaid debts and no access to funds, you may have to take action to retrieve them. The CDER Group can seize your goods and property. They may even seize your home. It is important to remember that you do have the right to fight back, but you can also make your situation worse by selecting the wrong debt solution. If you are not able to pay your debts, you may have to deal with the CDER Group and a bailiff.


Outsourcing UK is a UK division of Outsourcing Inc., the fastest growing provider of debt resolution. It is the leading digital transformation specialist within the government and commercial sectors, and is comprised of nine brands, including Liberata and CDER Group Rundles. In the UK, the company provides a range of services, including Debt Resolution and Court Enforcement Services. For more information about Outsourcing UK, please visit


CDER Group Advantis is a debt collection agency based in the UK, with over 250 team members assisting over two million customers annually. Clients include c.50 blue chip companies and organisations across the public sector, water, energy, telecoms, and financial services. The company has a stellar compliance history, and is accredited to operate under the FCA’s Code of Conduct. To learn more about Advantis, read on.

The company was formed on 1 December 2000. It is based in 30-36 Monument St. Its registration number is 04118149. It has eight directors. Its most recent confirmation statement was filed on 1 September 2021. Its previous names include CDER Group Ltd., CDER Group, and Rundles. For further information, visit its website at You can learn more about the company and its latest developments at

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