CDER Group and Advantis

CDER Group

The CDER Group was formed in 2004 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in data management and court services. Its services include litigation support, electronic discovery and court data management. In 2016, the CDER Group was purchased by Outsourcing Inc for PS24 million. Today, the company employs over 150 people in the United States and Europe. Its portfolio includes a number of companies, including Rundles, Haulmont, Advantis and Hito Edge.

Hito Edge

The Hito Edge cloud-based software solution was developed by CDER Group, a company known for developing innovative debt enforcement solutions. The Hito Edge platform focuses on individual customer relationships and allows agencies to link all of the cases of one single customer to view all of their relevant information. The system is highly scalable and enables agencies to expand their operations in the future. The Hito Edge system is highly customizable and has a high ROI for investment.

It utilizes a highly advanced dynamic allocation engine and propensity-driven scoring system to automatically prioritize next day planning against real-time events. The software also manages commissions, remittances, and invoicing for all agents. Agents are given full transparency over their workflows and contractual SLAs. The CDER Group is also an investor in Hito Edge. This article outlines some of the company’s key achievements and why it is important to partner with the company.

Court Enforcement Services

The CDER Group is a UK-based debt collection company which contracts with Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service. It is a primary contractor in London and a secondary contractor across other regions. They have over 1,050 staff and aim to collect more than PS250m a year. CDER Group works with the court system to collect central government, road user charging and traffic debt. Their headquarters are in Darlington. They also offer award-winning High Court enforcement capabilities.

There are many benefits to working for the CDER Group, including a competitive remuneration and industry-leading technology. The company has won the Sunday Times’ “100 Best Companies to Work For” award twice. Its staff enjoy a friendly atmosphere, excellent training and career progression opportunities. If you’re considering a career with CDER Group, get in touch today. They’ll be more than happy to discuss your career options.


The CDER Group offers a variety of solutions for enforcement and debt recovery. The company’s Hito Edge cloud-based platform provides a holistic view of individual customer relationships. Using this tool, agencies can access detailed information on single customers, including financial status, case type, and other factors. The system is also easy to use and scalable. Read on to learn more about Hito Edge. Here are some of its main benefits:


In the UK, the CDER Group is one of the largest debt collection agencies, with over 250 staff and over two million customers served annually. Its clients include the largest blue chip companies in the country, and organisations across the public sector, energy, water, telecoms, and retail finance. It has a proven track record of compliance, operating within FCA rules and the CSA code of conduct. Listed below are some of the benefits of working with Advantis.

With a variety of cloud-based debt enforcement solutions, CDER Group has helped many clients transform their business operations and improve their customer experience. Their Hito Edge cloud-based platform, for example, helps agencies get a full view of individual customer relationships. The platform is flexible and scalable, and enables agencies to view comprehensive information about single customers, including financial status, case type, and other factors. The CDER Group’s Hito Edge also offers ease of use and scalability.


The CDER Group is a leading UK debt collection agency, with revenues over PS5 million. Founded in 2004, it had limited growth in the early years and relied on outdated IT infrastructure to manage debt enforcement. This meant high levels of manual intervention and lacked transparency. To address these shortcomings, the company implemented a modern debt collection solution. The result? Increased revenues and reduced complaints and costs. However, this solution also had its drawbacks.

After implementing the new platform, the company saw a 34% increase in revenues, resulting in PS15 million in revenues. This increase is three times bigger than when the project was started. It also saw a 22% reduction in complaints and an increase in collections for clients after going live. Overall, the company was able to cut direct costs by 12%. This is a significant improvement for any firm. Revenues of CDER Group are growing, but are it enough to offset the hefty cost of implementing new systems?

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