Bristow & Sutor – What Do They Do?

Bristow amp Sutor

Debt collection companies like Bristow & Sutor specialize in certain types of debt collection. They focus on council tax, penalty charge notices, and non-domestic rate debts. You can trust these companies to get your money back on time. Here’s a brief overview of what they do. Listed below are some of their main services. Read on to learn more. [Source: Bristow & Sutor]

Debt collection agency

Bristow & Sutor is an agency that purchases debts from consumers at a fraction of their face value. In order to be able to collect these debts, Bristow & Sutor must make sure they get paid. Moreover, their debt collection agents receive bonuses based on the number of payments they make, which may boost their pay. As such, debt collection agents may be eager to get paid.

Bristow & Sutor is an enforcement agent based in Redditch, Worcestershire. Its enforcement agents work in several countries throughout the UK, including England and Wales. They are members of various professional bodies and are licensed to collect debts on behalf of local authorities. They also collect various types of debt, such as council tax and penalty charge notices. This company can also sell off goods.


Regulations for Bristow &amp); Sutor relate to the activities of enforcement agents working for local authorities. Bristow & Sutor’s enforcement agents are granted a certificate by a county court judge. They work for more than 203 local authorities in England, collecting unpaid council tax and non-domestic rates. Bristow & Sutor also works with its cousin company Credit Security to collect debts relating to rent arrears and overpaid housing benefit.

Bailiffs working for Bristow & Sutor can enter your home without permission. They can enter a locked property and write up an inventory of your possessions. They can also enter your property if it’s unoccupied and unlocked. If you’re facing bankruptcy, you must be aware of the regulations for bailiffs working for Bristow & Sutor.


If you owe money to Bristow & Suter, you are likely to face a variety of fees. First, the company will visit your home or business to collect the debt. You’ll be asked to sign a controlled goods agreement, giving the firm the power to seize possessions or property that you owe them. Then, Bristow & Sutor bailiffs will visit your home or business to take inventory of the items you owe them. If you fail to make payments, a County Court Judgement may be issued.

Second, the Bristow & SutoR fees are high. This is because the firm will be able to send negative information to the credit reporting agencies about you. If you are not able to pay the fees, the company may also initiate debt recovery. However, you should be aware that these fees are not mandatory. There are many benefits to avoiding the fees and having a debtor’s agreement reviewed.

Controlled goods agreement

When a debtor is in over their head and cannot pay back the debts, they may choose to enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement with Bristow & Sutors. This agreement will give the bailiffs the power to seize any possessions or business property that you own. The bailiffs will first make an inventory of the items on your property. They will also estimate the value of those items. This information is included in the Controlled Goods Agreement.

In order to get the goods you own, you can contact Bristow & Sutor through their website. They have a live chat facility where you can ask a question or leave a message. You can also send a text message or WhatsApp message. Unlike other companies, Bristow & Sutor does not have a free phone number. If you do not want to use your phone, you can also request a callback through the company’s website.

Contacting a bailiff

If you owe money to a Bristow & Sutlor debt collection agency, you need to understand the consequences of their actions. When you default on a debt, you will receive a letter from the enforcement agency detailing how much money you owe, the penalties associated with non-payment, and the date by which you need to pay. If you fail to pay on time, a bailiff may visit your home, seize your property, and initiate the debt collection process. If you cannot pay on time, a County Court Judgement can be issued against you.

To avoid being evicted from your home or business, you must ensure that you have a clear understanding of the process. In general, bailiffs with Bristow & Sutor will write up an inventory of all the items in your property and estimate the value of each item. If you owe money to the debt collection agency on a controlled goods agreement, the bailiff will list your possessions. You should be prepared to show proof of ownership and possessions on the spot.

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