Bristow & Sutor Debt Collection

Bristow Sutor

When you owe money to Bristow & Sutor, you should be aware of the legal power bailiffs have to enter your property. They have the power to enter your property to inspect goods and collect money. In some cases, Bristow & Sutor bailiffs will enter your property without permission, and will collect your possessions if you refuse to pay. A controlled goods agreement is a legal agreement that gives enforcement agents control of your possessions for the value of the debt. This agreement lays out fees and charges and gives enforcement agents a power of entry over your property.

Council tax

If you owe the council tax in Bristow and Sutor, you may be interested in the payment plans that are available. These councils are part of Warwick District Council and are responsible for collecting debts. If you owe more than you can pay, you can appeal and set up a payment plan. However, you should be aware that non-payment can have significant consequences.

Non domestic rates

In 2016, Bristow & Sutor secured a new three-year contract with Salford City Council to continue providing enforcement services. The contract will see the firm focus on pursuing outstanding parking debts, Council Tax, and National Non-Domestic Rates. Last year, Bristow & Sutor won a three-year deal with Liverpool City Council, and it has also worked with Preston City Council since 2013. The company has also collected Council Tax for Bury since 2006, and has provided traffic enforcement solutions to Tameside Metropolitan Borough and Preston City Council since 2011.


If you are a victim of debt collection, you may be wondering how Bristow & Sutor works. They are a firm that provides Debt Collection Services to more than 203 councils in England and Wales. In addition to this, they have a sister company, Credit Security, which collects debts on overpaid housing benefit and rent arrears. Enforcement agents are individuals who hold certificates from a county court judge. These certificates must be held by only “fit and proper” people.

Bonuses paid to bailiffs

If you have a debt with Bristow & Sutor Debt Collection, you are likely to have some questions about how they work. First of all, they buy debt for pennies on the dollar, but they have to collect payments. In some cases, bailiffs may be eager to collect payments because of the bonuses they get. Bristow & Sutor debt collection agents are paid by bonuses based on the amount of debt they collect.

Costs to debtors

The costs to debtors of Bristow n Sutor can vary depending on your individual circumstances. For example, they can request that you pay in full, or provide a payment plan. If you are unable to make a repayment, you may have to face having your goods seized and sold to pay off the debt. Bristow & Sutor’s bailiffs should always conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Taking money from wages

Bristow and Sutor, a firm in Redditch, Worcestershire, is an enforcement agent that collects debts on behalf of local authorities. This company has been around since 1977 and directly employs bailiffs to collect debts. They are members of several professional bodies and are not involved in the collection of personal debts. However, they do have some powers that other enforcement agencies lack. These powers include the right to take money from wages and selling goods in order to recover debts.

Taking goods to value of debt

If you are unable to pay your debts, the Bristow & Sutor bailiffs can seize your belongings, in order to recover the value of the debt. They can enter peacefully or forcefully, and can write up an inventory of your belongings. The list of your belongings is governed by a “controlled goods agreement.” The agreement details the procedures that the bailiffs follow when they are seizing your property.

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