Formula 1 announces provisional calendar for 2019

Formula 1 today announce the draft calendar for the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship, and will include both the Japanese Grand Prix, and the German Grand Prix, at Hockeneim. A statement from Formula 1 read; ‘Formula 1® is delighted to release the draft calendar of the 2019 FIA Formula 1 World Championship™. This will be […]

Are Our Trestle Tables the Strongest?

At Ningbo’s headquarters we’ve been discussing a ‘weighty’ issue…..Do we have strong trestle tables?The answer is an emphatic YES and the proof is in the pudding!Two members of staff, including Ningbo’s General Manager Bert Taylor threw caution to the wind and sat on the trestles to prove their strength.After passing that test the temporary tables were loaded with 500kg or 78 stone and were still fully upright.

Strong Folding Trestle Table


The 6ft trestle table is currently on sale here.

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A simple question with a complex answer:  Why do people seek healthcare?

Body in Mind

The obvious answer to the question, why do people seek healthcare for musculoskeletal conditions might be because of pain, loss of function, or disability. To some degree, all of these reasons are suitable answers.  However, as the British economist E.F. Schumacher once stated “everything can be seen directly except through the eye through which we […]

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Upcoming Bennetts BSB round to use Silverstone National Circuit

Following the MotoGP cancellation last weekend there is understandable concern about the implications for the Bennetts British Superbike Championship event in a fortnight (September 7/8/9) at Silverstone. Whilst Silverstone rejects the speculation about the state of sections of the asphalt on the Grand Prix Circuit, they are conducting an investigation and have already engaged an […]

Mechanisms of inaction

“Mechanisms of inaction:” Bullshit ideas about how treatments allegedly work when they probably do not work.

This phrase popped into my head while reading a paper all about the “mechanisms of action” for dry needling. (Dry needling is treating trigger points — sore spots — by piercing them with acupuncture needles.)

[Image caption: All modern dry needling is done with fine acupuncture needles, far smaller than the syringes Dr. Travell used. She thought acupuncture needles were too delicate!]

The evidence is clear that dry needling does not work well, if at all, so any and all speculation about how it works is probably nonsense by definition. Even if it clearly did work, I’ve yet to see an explanation that would satisfy me. My strong impression is that needling is a highly speculative bizarre treatment method with clear potential for harm and no good evidence of benefit.

I’ve read many papers about dry needling over the last year, and updated the needling chapter of my trigger points book seven times since late 2017. Prior to that it was just a quick tour of the pros and cons; now it’s a deep dive, a large dose of well-substantiated debunking. The most skeptical book about trigger points is now even more skeptical!

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F1 in the news

Our pick of the latest Formula 1 news updates from the web Renault F1 team explains why it didn’t sign Esteban Ocon for 2019 Renault Sport Formula 1 boss Cyril Abiteboul says Esteban Ocon’s ties to Mercedes worked against him when the team made its final call on drivers for 2019. Ocon had been […]

Another runner-up spot for Llewellin at Lydden

For the second meeting in a row, reigning MSA Junior Rallycross champion Tom Llewellin claimed runner-up spot to continue his championship challenge at round seven of the MSA British Rallycross Championship held at Lydden Hill in Kent on bank holiday Monday. As usual, the 17 year old from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire was again contesting the Swift Sport […]

Racing Point Force India smashes fundraising target for Breast Cancer Care and gets set to double their donation by 2020

Since partnering in May 2017, Racing Point Force India F1 Team has surpassed their halfway fundraising target by raising over £165,000 for UK-wide specialist-support charity Breast Cancer Care. They are on track to double this figure by the end of 2020. The innovative partnership between Racing Point Force India and Breast Cancer Care has forged […]